Printing and Digital Industry; how does it affect your current business?

The market trend has changed with the vast uses of smartphones, tablets, and laptops all over the world. Australia is undergoing with these changes rapidly. The challenge for most new brands to established brands is to be recognized and connected with different targeted customers through all the devices in actual time and visualize campaigns that smash the significant market of social media platform, the point of sale advertise and e-commerce.

New industry trend

While Australia is not a country for vastly manufacturing tread, the printing, and other related printing industries has been always treated as one of the most important industry for Australian manufacturing sector. However, with the changes to digital world, the demand of this industry has shifted to a new industry trend, a combination of printing and digital service. 

Shaky printing industry

Like us, the majority of both the business owners and the employees within the printing industry are technically adept and often trade qualified. As such, the majority of the employees within the industry are covered by the award terms of the GAPPA and its predecessors. However, these skilled employees are not enjoying any overtime work due to significant change. It means you should not completely rely on printing marketing only.

Adapt the change

As a company or small business, we learned, you shouldn't rely on printing only, you need to find alternatives. The best is always the combination of both printing and digital industry. If your business wants to survive 10 years from now on, it is important to know the market trend and act accordingly from today. Your competitors are already made their plans and probably you have no idea how they are doing it.

Be patient

Being a marketer, we know it is hard for every business to go through with these technological changes; however, if you step in, the reward can be priceless for your business sustainability.


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