Retail: Four magical tactics you should use to increase foot traffic

To drive sales and profitability for a business, foot traffic is so crucial. To increase the traffic in a store there are so many easy practical things that your business can do to see an immediate difference in the store, even though, there are some of them take a little bit longer time to put in place. 

Before starting any step you need to start with proper goals in order to achieve the results, also, you must be asking yourself how much more could you be selling in your store?

Probably you already recognized in your own store that you are leaving a lot of sales on the table every single day.  You might not be a bad operator but it is to say that we don’t sell to every customer everything we could and we don’t maximize the value of every transaction we could probably sell a little bit more and we could probably get more people coming back to the store. 

Set targets to increase sales

So, here is the next question, how much more could you be selling more as a percentage? If you don’t have set a goal every day for sales it means you are losing 5 to 10% sales every day. Let’s explain this in other way, let’s pick the best salesman in your store it may include you or you can think of someone who is great at selling and if everyone does the same as that salesperson, how good it would be for your store? This clearly shows the gap and can bring potential aspects of increasing the percentage of your business. It can give the confidence that selling 5%, 10% to 20% more is not that difficult. Now we are going to walk through different ideas for you to be able to put in place.


It makes sense to say that any increase in traffic conversion or average sale will get you more sales and that’s what being talked about in retail boardrooms around the world every day. How do we get more people in? How do we get more people to buy? How do we get more money out of every individual customer? It’s fair to say if you don’t have traffic counters in your store, you are not doing excellent because no one wants to own a business without traffic and it always starts with how many people come into the store.

Great windows look Great

People are walking by or driving by your store all the time. So your windows have to be amazing. Please make yourself time and take a look at the leading retailers, take a look how great their windows, take a look at how exciting their entire storefronts are. They are fresh they are exciting all the time. Make your store look like it’s worth coming into. Always give the customer a reason why they would come back to your store again and again and again. In short, every store has its own potential to bring out the best look; if you got to make your store look like it’s worth coming into and make some changes immediately.


Stand out via digital signage

Go outside your store and take a look at it and ask yourself the question would you shop here? Would you walk into the store? You may not be investing $60000 in renovating your storefront like some people can, however, you can clean it up and you can fix your windows and you can do better displays and you can do a little more interactive to give your customers a reason to come in.

The study shows that transforming the in-store experience to digital signage brings 5 times more viewers than static signage to customers. If you can create the right content audio, the videos just as TV commercials your business can grow faster and bring more traffic with more opportunities.

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