How to Build a Perfect In-Field Flyer Distribution Team


Walkers are the winners for any distribution campaign. They must be motivated to secure the best possible results. In-field management is the key for distribution success. It is making them believed that any time they spend walking without delivering flyers is a waste of time.


There are so many you can do about:

  • Appreciation for hard work done,
  • Incentives for extra 300 flyers delivered,
  • Competitions within the team,
  • With the help of proper tools for monitoring,
  • Showing the best possible routes to deliver flyers,
  • Spending time with walkers in the field,
  • Keep them hydrated,
  • Ensuring rest in every two hours,
  • Let them encourage to listen to things while walking, 
  • Not giving too many flyers at one go.

It’s important that the team should believe and respect why they need to keep moving fast. Realistically, it’s all very easy and simple stuff, but it has to be taught. Once you have shown your team exactly what to do, you can hold them accountable to do it. At the end of the day, bring the team back together to discuss issues or observations.

If you’ve done everything right, very few will dislike the work. Getting the first few team members is always the hardest. If you put the right people in place, you will find it gets much easier over time and all the trained walker will become the example for future walkers in your team, each one will teach one to many.


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