Six reasons why your flyer distribution is not performing

The flyer distribution is undoubtedly successful for any business’s marketing plan, yet most of the companies do not know how to make it successful. There are lots of businesses highly rely on this traditional marketing campaign especially in Australia people value and read flyers. 

The dark side of the business is that most of the businesses do not have full faith in companies that the contracted company or individuals are doing a great job for them. 

Why is it important that every company finds it hard to make sure that the distribution is happening properly? We can break down this problem into some areas.  This all are real facts are happening in the distribution field. 

While recruiting, we have asked 30 random walkers from Sydney who has previous experience in the distribution fields, and then after some market research, below are the major six reasons.

Finding right walkers

To start with, it is not an easy job neither it is easy to find the right company to do the job for you.  Walking can be fun and enjoyable for 30 minutes to 1 hour, and, of course, not for 5-8 hours. If someone is not a daily jogger then it will be a hard struggle. It comes to only 175 households on an average if someone walks for an hour to do flyers. Don’t forget on top, walkers need to be carrying a heavy bag full of flyers if trolley not provided.

When it comes to the walker, the company looks for those people who can only walk. The company leaves those walkers with a GPS and flyers, and let them walk. Some quit the job in first two hours, whereas some walker does not appear on the second day. So finding the honest right people in this industry is truly a hard task.

Walk without distribution

You will find this case a lot when your distribution company will prove digitally that distribution has been done with 99% GPS tracked accuracy and still few or no calls from the distributed area.

Probably, the answer is the walker walked the entire map but without any flyers or maybe with 100 flyers if you are lucky! Now, the company is satisfied with the walker because GPS tracked job has been done 100% can get paid for that. Alas, for you, the campaign expenditure was a complete waste because you did not pay anyone to walk in a designated area.

Unfair pay to walker

Most of the Distribution Companies treat the walkers very unfairly. Companies most of the cases do not offer walker a job directly but recruit as a contractor. Low pays, mistreat and insecurity of job lead to the walker to be depressed and reduce their efficiency while in the job

The trick most of the flyer company does that they pay walkers based on per map.  In a map, they try to squeeze as much as 1500-2000 houses and pay only $60-75. There is no way a walker can finish a proper job in 5 hours.  So, the solution is to forget flyers and walk only to complete the map as quick as possible.

Close to zero monitoring

Some flyers company appoint sub-contractors to do the flyer job. Those big companies based in other cities or have no control on the supervisors or walkers. However, those companies believed to distribute flyers with full of sales pitch confidence.


Bundling flyers

Some distribution companies try to convince clients that they won’t bundle flyers with other companies. The question is how can you prove that? It is common on the same day Australia Post, one other distributor company and your distribution company can deliver flyers. So who is to blame? It is a kind of free license to distribute a flyer with anything and everything as flyers Distribution Company.

Cheap price? No one does charity

Some companies offer some unbelievably cheap price. Generally, it takes minimum 6 hours to do per 1000 households. Now if a company offers $40 per thousand for one flyers drop means things are seriously wrong here.  It can be guessed that your flyers will be shredded, dumped or worst of all cases low wages.

It is understandable that two flyers (not more than two) can go to a letterbox at once; the pain is not that hard, after all, everyone is here to make money. However, $40 for 1000 flyers is completely non-sense.  In the end, your flyers will go with four or more other mail items or they might put your flyers through inside a newspaper and obviously, it is not cost effective and identifies your brand as a piece of paper in your targeted area.


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