Sustainable Project Donation

Dollar A Day is really keen to help the underprivileged. Empowering people will help reduce poverty and those who have been trained can become self-reliant through their acquired skills.  They can have jobs that they use to care for their families. Otherwise their poverty will become more severe. Thus, Dollar A Day would be able to save many lives by empowering one person. Dollar A Day uses your generous donations to launch diverse revenue generating sustainable projects to empower Bangladesh's underprivileged people.



Dollar A Day's sponsorship programs give you the ability to help change the lives of Bangladeshi women, widows, children and orphans. As a supporter, you will promote sustainable change that helps break the poverty cycle. With no social or economic safety net, they are left begging to obtain the little money they can, scavenging or being abused. Help make a difference in offering Bangladeshi women, widows, young children and orphans a better future



General Donation

General donations are flexible funds that Dollar A Day invests in individuals, families or initiatives that are most in need. You can make a one-off donation, or you can easily make a monthly donation of the amount you prefer.