A4 Size Flat

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Full-Color, Front only or Both Sides

150 gsm

Finished Size

:    210*297mm(A4)


Email your artwork or request to: support@promoonus.com.au

Or give a call: +614 30 120 357; +614 31 547 865.

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150 gsm (Without GST)



1 Side


2 Sides













Artwork Setup Requirements


To create best possible services we maintain these below standards:

If artwork setup is clumsy for you, no worries, shoot us an email, with few clicks we can produce the cutting edge standards.

Alternately, when preparing PDF files, please comply with artwork specifications requirements to ensure the job is printed quickly, problem free and to the highest standard. Produce a postscript file and then process it using Acrobat Distiller for best PDF production.

Resolution (300DPI)
Colour and greyscale raster images should be no less than 300dpi. Monochromatic (bitmaps) at 1200 dpi while Vector/line work/curves at 800dpi minimum are required.

Borders not Recommended
Avoid using borders designed to create an even margin around the document. For example, a trimming tolerance of +/-1mm must be allowed. Borders, therefore, may not look even.

Use 100% black in CMYK color bar and avoid using four color blacks if the type is black in vector files. In raster files, avoid using default four color black if the type is black.

Rich Black
We use a rich black (Cyan 60%, Magenta 20%, Yellow 20% and Black 100%).

Do not use rich black for text. Use 100% black only and convert text to outlines, curves or paths.

Placing critical objects closer than 5mm trim lines is not recommended.

Spot Colour
Supply file in the program it was created in with all links, EPS/DCS files to be attached. Always view in Acrobat via Advanced Print Production Output Preview. Each plate can be turned on/off here.

Minimum 3mm bleed when required must be supplied for all jobs. Keep important information at least 3mm from the trim.

Document Size
Document size must be the finished size plus bleed.


Images must be CMYK at 300dpi for the final size.

Line Thickness
Minimum line thickness is 0.3pt.

Embed or outline all fonts used. Delete stray points when converting to outlines and use original typefaces.

Do not do anything. All vector elements are auto-trapped in our RIP process and raster files are not affected.

Do not use layers.

Ink Cover
No more than 300% coverage out of 400% is recommended. Sealing varnish should be considered especially for matt stocks.

Do not lock or hide anything.

Avoid using transparency tool. If transparency is applied, flatten/rasterize image with this effect.

No. Up
Artwork with 1 up should always be supplied.

Multiple Pages
Multiple page documents should be treated as a single PDF. So on a business card, the front is page 1 and the back is page 2.

Viewing Your Print PDF
Artwork and PDF must always be checked before sending. Check overprint preview by going to Advanced Overprint Preview. Please note we always overprint black. Therefore, preview your artwork in Acrobat taking this into account.